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Wearing Wigs and Hairpieces Tips


Wigs and Hairpieces are the detachable hair pieces used on the bald heads or mannequins. They are usually made of synthetic yet real looking fibers that can be arranged into natural hair styles. Wigs may also be quite decorative and made of yarn, rope, papier-mâché, wood shavings, etc. A wig or toupee is a head of hair, human hair or horse-hair or synthetic. It is worn on the head for fashion or various other aesthetic and stylistic reasons.

Types of Wigs and Hairpieces

There are many types of wigs and hairpieces available. These are as follows:

  • Human Hair Wigs - It is the utmost luxurious and natural appearing Wig. Hair that behaves exactly like natural, real hair - because it is. 100% human hair can be custom color matched and styled exactly the way you want it.
  • Synthetic - Modern technology and science clubbed together with fashion to produce incredibly realistic “hair” and the “cap” or base it is attached to. They also just happen to cost less than a comparable real hair wig.
  • Blend - It combines the best of real hair flexibility with synthetic ease of care.
  • Mono-filament - This wig is a bit expensive ranging from a hundred dollars and up, but the price you pay is well worth it for the quality you are getting.

Why there is a need of Wigs and Hairpieces?

You might benefit from hair transplants, but it's vital to go to someone really good and experienced! There are a lot of inept people performing hair transplants.

Wig Care and Maintenance Tips

Too much hair can make it look obvious that you are wearing a wig. If in doubt, choose a wig with very slightly less hair than you had before. Remember that the wig can be cut and styled to suit your needs by your hairdresser or the wig consultant.

Generally a change to a lighter colour will be less noticeable.Remember when choosing a wig or hairpiece that as your hair falls out you will need a smaller size. Try to get a wig which adjusts to any head size.If you have a good hairdresser, they could help you choose your wig and, if necessary, cut and restyle it for you.

Choosing a Wig

Select your own colour or one shade lighter. If the hair is darker than your natural colour, it can look strange to your friends and draws attention to the change. Another approach is to treat this as a chance to try a completely different style or colour, to have a little fun and to surprise your family, friends and colleagues. Wigs are available in various colours if you fancy being outrageous.

How to Wear Wigs

One practical way of coping with hair loss is to wear a wig or hairpiece. Nowadays there are many different styles and colours to choose from and they are very natural looking and comfortable to wear. Wigs can be made of human or synthetic hair (monofibre), or a mixture of both.

Tips for Wearing a Wig

Some people like to choose their wig before their hair falls out so that they can match the style and colour. The advantage of this is that if you lose your hair more quickly than expected you will already be prepared. It also gives you a chance to get used to the wig before you really need it.

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Wigs and Hair Pieces

Wigs and Hairpieces

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