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The hair salon is also called as hairdresser and hair Parlor. The hair salon provides facilities for hair cut, hair fashion, hair highlighted and hair dye. In usual salon you do not required to take any schedule time only go in hair salon and wait for subsequently present hairdresser. Another option is to take an appoinment from hair salon and create schedule time for fashionable hair of your preference.

The hair salons are famous depends on there services. It may be famous for only hair cutting, hair coloring and hair extension we choose hair salon depends on hair salons service.

Some service names in hair salon

Following are some service names in hair salon:

  • Short hair cut
  • Long hair cut
  • Medium hair cut
  • Curly hair cut
  • Wavy hair cut
  • Straight hair cut
  • Children’s hair cut
  • Hair color
  • Highlight and lowlight
  • Hair extension
  • Hair Trims
  • Hair style
  • Hair treatment
  • Scalp treatment
  • Hair Relaxers
  • Hair perms
  • Shampoo
  • Hair Dye
  • Conditioner
  • Hair reconstructing
  • Permanent waving

Some hair dye color names

Following are some hair dye color names:

  • Gray
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Blonde
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Light Brown
  • Dark gray

Some tips on hair salon

Following are some tips on hair salon:

  • Ask for available styles in salon.
  • Take advice of salon member to create fashion on hair.
  • Fallow all rules after creating specific hair style.
  • After washing hair, smoothly dry your hair.
  • Be careful of hair coloring like green, blue and purple in hair salon.
  • The hair coloring and hair color highlights both are used chemically.
  • Use oil and silicon free shampoo to clean hair in every week.
  • Clean hair in upright place but do not clean it in basin.
  • Use warm water to clean hair.
  • Use conditioner for medium hair length to ends.
  • Please do not use protein or silicon based conditioner if your hair has problem of tangle.

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