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The hair salon equipment's beautiful general shop is available from 30 years. We bring huge types of gear and provision in biggest value like Kaemark, Pibbs, Collins, Dina meri, Belvedere. Bring required hair gear in shop like styling position to hair cuts, hair spray. The most important gear in hair salon is hairspray and shampoo. To clean hair before fashioning for that apply correct sink which is first gear sample in beauty hair salon equipment.

The hair salon chair should be relaxed. The hair salon equipment like chair, hair brush, fiber glasses are simple to wash. The hair equipment is very important and required part in every salon.

Some equipment names in hair salon

Following are some equipment names in hair salon:

  • Niki All Purpose Chair with Round Chrome Base
  • Lora All Purpose Chair with Base
  • Pibbs Dryer Wheel Set with Handle
  • Babyliss Tourmaline Dryer
  • Wall Mount Vanity
  • KD Locking Trolley with Wahl Peanut Clipper  
  • KD SallyMate Trolley
  • Hair straightness and Curling tongs
  • Hair color ranges
  • Hand hair dryers
  • Hair clippers and trimmers
  • Hairdressing razors
  • Hairdressing combs
  • Professional salon permanent waves
  • Shampoo conditioner and styling products
  • Hairdressing scissors and wallets
  • Hairdressing salon sundries
  • Special hair colors and shade charts
  • Hair brushes
  • Rollerball Progressive Processor 
  • Pibbs Fiberglass Shampoo Bowl
  • Luxe Cutting Stool
  • Global Industries Platform Dryer Chair
  • Ariana All-Purpose Salon Chair

Some tips on hair salon equipment

Following are some tips on hair salon equipment:

  • When you are buying hair salon gear first check material of gear and test all facility of gear.
  • If you are purchasing gear from wholesale shop ask them regarding current discount offer.
  • Choose proper size, shape, color and brand of hair salon gear.
  • Take advice of well known people in this business when buying hair salon equipment.
  • Think economically when purchase hair salon gear.

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