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Shag Hairstyle for Hassle free looks | Sassy Shag Haircut for the young and Trendy


There are different types of the shag hair style such as short shag, medium shag, long shag hair style and wavy type of shag hair style. These all types of shag hair style is mainly depend on the layers of the hairs. The shag hair style short, layered with more layers at the crown of the head. This is most beautiful and braided hairstyle which give the greater attractiveness to the body.

Why do you choose Shag Haircut?

The reason of selecting a Shag and Messy Hairstyle can vary from adopting the favorite celebrity looks to keeping your hairs hassle free. the list i slong but I think they have natural advantage over other hairstyles. One of the great things about a shag haircut is that is very easy to maintain. Some varieties of shag hairstyles do not even need blow drying. You just can let the wet hair dry naturally on their own and voila, it will still look awesome.

Meg in Shag Hairstyle

The shag hair hair cut has the shoulder brushing and highly textured. The every hair style is mainly depend on the facial shape and the facial features. In the shag hairstyle the layers are adjusted to suit face shape nd it is easy to pull off. The shag hair styles are quick, easy maintenance and the ability to personalize the look.

New Shaggy Short Messy Hairstyles

  • Shag sometime called it shaggy short messy hairstyle.
  • Short shaggy give you a messy look therefore it is called as shaggy short messy hairstyle.
  • Short shaggy hair style is look amazing on very short hair.
  • This hair is perfect for the busy and trendy woman.
  • In short shaggy hairstyle you feel relax as you display your bold and funky attitude.
  • Shaggy is a very stylish hairstyle and women have sported
  • Shaggy short haircut include normal layers but which type of layers are worked on your hair depends on the haircut of shag you go with.
  • In shaggy short hairstyle, contain many layers and some layers in the backside to give a extra reliable look

Shag Hairstyle for Long Hair

How do you prepare for Shag Hairstyle?

  • First was your hair by strong shampoo.
  • Use towel to dry your hair or hair dire.
  • Apply a light conditioner on your hair.
  • There is special hair dab hair gel is used.
  • Apply a dab gel throughout hair with your fingers.
  • Used toothed comb and comb softly.
  • Blow-dry with a nozzle and use a medium hair brush.
  • Cut your hair and the length of the hair is below the ears.
  • Try to set you hair by using your fingers.
  • To maintain this hair style apply little hair gel or wax.
  • Lightly spray with hair spray for hold the hair.
  • Hair spray is used to give a small amount of shine to your hair.

Shaggy Hairstyle

Medium Shag Haircut

  • Medium shag hairstyle is look nice on medium length hair.
  • If your is very curly or frizzy hair then it is easy to set the layers.
  • In medium shag hairstyle is perfect for old women also.
  • In medium shag haircut easy to manage the broken-up layers, your hair still looks good when its grown out.
  • Medium shag hair is look good on long shape face.

How to do the Shag for Medium Hairstyles?

  • Medium shag haircut contain many layers of various lengths.
  • Layers require a little curly at the ends of the hair.
  • It depends on you that you want to wear it curled, straight or messy
  • Cut you hair by using scissors.
  • Try to give a many short layers to your hair.
  • There should be layers in the front and back.
  • To maintain this hairstyle use hair gel.

Shag Haircut for Blonde Hair

Wavy Shag Haircut

  • Wavy shag hairstyle give you a messy look.
  • Your fine hair look too thin with this look.
  • You have a natural curly hair then this hairstyle work best.
  • This hairstyle required not very long hair. But length of the is below the shoulder.

How to make Shag Hairstyle for the Wavy Hair?

  • In wavy shag hairstyle keep the layers long.
  • As your hair is curly, too many choppy pieces will be flat to frizz.
  • If your hair is naturally wavy then used hair gel to straight the hair.
  • If your hair is straight and fine then no problem.
  • Cut your hair with scissors, add more layers to your hair.
  • If you is straight hair then curl your hair by a curling iron.

Medium Hair look of Shag Hairstyle

Long Shag Haircut

  • If you have fine long hair and if you like shag hairstyle then long shag is perfect.
  • People who need amaze texture without the fuss.
  • This is look nice on long hair and perfect for long straight hair.
  • If your hair is curly then iron is best solution to straight your hair.

How to get the Shag look for Long Hair?

  • Wash your hair by any strong shampoo.
  • Cut you hair and add a few layers to your hair.
  • The length of the hair should hit the bottom of your ears.
  • Use scissors not a razor to leave ends feathery.
  • To maintain this hair style cut your hair every month.

Shag Hairdo

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