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Rattail haircut


The rattail haircut is looks like the tail of the hair at the back side of the head. The rattail hair style is less popular hair style. The rattail haircut is most commonly seen in males. Rattail hair style is related to the Mullet hair style. The rat tail hair style useful to grow your hair long. This hair style is used in the of mid 80s. This rattail hairstyle is the shaved head with a small section of hair at the back of the head left to grow long. The rattail typically curls naturally but it can be ponytail treated as a dread, permed, straightened or curled with an iron. In some cases, an individual may prefer to grow several tails or grow a single tail very long.

Types Of Rattail Hairstyle

Classic Rattail:

  • The classic rattail hair style famous for people and this is the tarditional hair style on the top and sides of the head.
  • In classic rattail hair is trimmed short round the ears and on top, then slowly becomes long and layered in the backside.
  • Classic rattail hair style worn by men who desire to have a tidy look in front and still want to wear their hair long in the back.
  • Classic rattail haircut specially look good on men with natural wave or a few curl to their hair and the layers at the backside of the head maximize the amount of curl in the hair.
  • Classic rattail is great for rounde shaped face and also prefect if your neck is longer.

How to do?

  • Take the back section of the hair and comb it smooth.
  • Comb thin sections of the hair in backside straight up.
  • Hold your hair at the backside of the top section of the head.
  • Cut each section using the top hair as a length direct.
  • If the hair are cut in the proper direction then comb the hair down and cut the bottom hairline beacuse this will make deeply layered lengths in the backside of the hair.

Ponytail Rattail:

  • Ponytail rattail hair style worn by many men and women.
  • Ponytail is famous hair style because it is easy to wear.
  • This hair style is specially for those who drag the hair backside in to a ponytail.
  • Ponytail rattail hair style look nice with long layers, short but midum length hair.
  • Ponytail rattail hair style works best with straighter hair, curly or very wavy hair.
  • Ponytail rattail is generally worn by those men who want to wear a ponytail. A few men choose for a half-inch border of hair to be cut short.
  • Ponytail rattail haircut look best when the hair is tied backside into a ponytail it looks more like a traditional haircut.

How to do?

  • Take the bottom inch of the backside segment and comb the hair straight down.
  • Cut the bottom border of the hair to the desired length.
  • Keep on lowering ½ inch segments of the back section.
  • If you haircutting is complete then pull the hair backside and tie into a ponytail.

How to Create Rattail Hairstyle?

  • If you know the mullet hair style then it is easy to follow all steps.
  • First, you have to wash your hair by shampoo.
  • For rattail hair style you require two or more butterfly clips, styling comb, haircutting scissors.
  • Part your hair into four sections and then fix your hair with the butterfly clips.
  • If you want curly hair at the backside of the head then used smooth curly roller.
  • Comb your hair in fornt direction and then cut the side section.
  • Again comb your hair straight down and cut the hair around the ears.
  • If you want to keep the lenght of long then try to give layeres to long hair.
  • Short rattail then maximum layeres are required.
  • If you want to maintain rattail used and smooth hair gel.

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