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Pompadour haircut


The pompadour haircut is a men’s hairstyle and developed in the 1950s. The pompadour is a very popular hairstyle. The pompadour haircut is brushed straight up and back. This hair style is developed by the Madame de Pompadour so the given hair style is named as pompadour haircut. We cannot say that this hair is only made for men's, pompadour hair style is also worn by women's, but this hair style is rarely seen in the women's. For woman's the hairstyle fashioned by sweeping the hair straight up from the forehead into a high, turned-back roll and for man's, the hairstyle with the hair brushed up from the forehead. The pompadour is greaser look is high on top and short on the sides. The pompadour hair style is a conventional hairstyle.

About the Pompadour Hairstyle

  • Pompadour haircut is long on top.
  • Pompadour hairdo is very short hair style on the sides and back
  • Pompadour hair style give you very old-fashioned look and it simple but really different haircut.

How to Style a Pompadour Hairstyle?

  • Pompadour is a fashionable type of hairstyle in the 1950s, a hair style in which the front hair is brushed up from the forehead.
  • Pompadour hair style which is create a greaser look, high on top and short on the sides.
  • The pompadour hair style is not only for men's but also styled by women's.
  • Pompadour hairdo take a few minutes but you have to make sure that the length in the front is longer than the rest of it.
  • For pompadour hair style you need to create a greaser look.
  • For a grease look, you need to massage your hair and try move forward your hair, for that you used comb and push it forward.
  • Please do not wash your hair every day, if you want to maintain a grease look.
  • Pompadour hair style is easy just brushed straight up and back.
  • You can achieve this hair style by using a slick wax, for shinely look.
  • If you have any difficulty getting the grease out of your hair then dax vegetable shampoo or even dish washing liquid also work best.

How to Create a Pompadour Hairstyle?

  • To create pompadour hair style it will take 5 minutes.
  • Wash you hair properly then put in a hair gel and blow-dry it straight back.
  • Apply hair gel at the roots and bang dry it upside down, while twisting over.
  • Comb up and above from left to right.
  • If you hair is standing high, use beeswax or one more firm holding gel but beeswax is difficult to wash out.
  • Throw a little styling gel in the front so it shifts.

How to Create a Pompadour Hairstyle For Greasy Look?

  • Pompadour hair style is prefect hair cut when it is come up with greasy look.
  • First wash your hair by any strong shampoo.
  • For greasy look you need to used hair gel or hair spray which will maintain you pompadour hair style.
  • Then comb your hair from all sides.
  • When combing back on the pompadour section, push a little forward close to the front to get lift.
  • Comb lightly in the back to blend it in. Never comb the front straight backside.
  • Front should narrow to the backside means from the side it will look like a wedge.
  • Comb the backsides.
  • For men this hair style is terrific.

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