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Mullet haircut


The mullet haircut has shorter hair in front and on top and longer hair in back.  The mullet hairstyle for men is like the traditional haircut. The mullet haircut was straight, spiky and wavy. The mullet hairstyle was first developed by French fashion guru Henri Mollet. The hair are shorter on the top and sides are longer in the back which give good appearance to the face. The Mullet is the hairstyle of America.The mullet haircut is very popular in the 1980s. The mullet haircut is suitable for the rounder face. The mullets hairstyle is done by males and females of all ages.

What is a Mullet Hairstyle?

  • The mullet hair style is popular in the 1980s and then rapidly entered in the fashion market.
  • This hairstyle is most famous in the sport and also worn by many celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Patrick Swayze, Michael Bolton, and Hulk Hogan.
  • The mullet hairstyle is very short on the sides and long in the back and laughably terrible.
  • The mullet consists of a long narrow tail of hair growing from the back of the head.
  • Mullet hairstyle worn by younger men but also worn by males and females of all ages.
  • Mullet hairstyle is straight and spiky, curly and cascading, wild and wavy but very shorter on the top and sides and longer in the back.
  • The mullet hairstyle is nice for those kind people who have round shaped face.

Variations Of Mullet Hairstyle

There are a number of remarkable variations on the mullet hairstyle. Mullet hairstyle is not suited to all kind of faces but there are different types of variations which is perect for only long kind shaped faces and round shaped faces.

  • Skullet: The skullet is a variation of the mullet. In thiss hair style blad on the head and long in the back. The skullet is clear by a shaved or bald head with long hair on the sides and in the back. This hair style is not so popular but it is worn by many celebrities in the fashion show.
  • Frullet: Frullet is derived from front mullet. The inverted is variation of the hairstyle is the frullet. In this hair style the back of the head is shaved leaving a long fringe hanging above the face in front. Some time this hair style is also called as emo mullet. The frullet hair style is not so popular but it was popular during the 1980s. The frullet means very curly mullet.
  • Tropical mullet (dreaded mullet): Another variation of mullet. The tropical mullet also called as a dreadmullet contained on a hybrid of the dreadlocks and a mullet. The tropical mullet hair style is similar to flop hair style which would cover the person's eyes.
  • Jheri curl mullet: Jheri curl mullet means the natural curly hair. Some of people do not have the curl hair then they apply jheri curl solution. Atcually jheri curl solution is used for bigger curl and fix them in place. The jheri curl mullet is the most famous hair style.
  • Momullet (mullet-hawk): This hair style is perfect for short hair. In this hair style the sides of the head are shaved with short hair on the front and long in the back such as a classic mullet. The momullet is also know as the mulhawk which is know as the dream hawk.
  • Mulldina: The mulldina is also known as the mullet which is longer on the sides than a normal mullet but with the sides especially swept. Normally worn by females, some time this hair style compare with short bangs
  • Chullet: This hair style is most famous in child and the term chullet means child.
  • Fem-Mullet: This hair style is mostly worn by a female.

How to do Mullet Hairstyle?

  • The mullet hair style is diffcult hair style to do.
  • You need four clips, styling comb and scissors.
  • Create the four sections of your hair and safe the hair with the butterfly clips.
  • Start from the side sections, start at the front hairline on the sided and stop at a point at the back the ears.
  • Remaining hair should be twisted up and protected together.
  • Take scissors along one side of the hair and comb the hair then cut the side direct at an angle using the bangs length.
  • Comb your hair straight down and carefully cut the hair around the ears.
  • Use a edger to shave the neckline if required give the hairline a pure 1ook.

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