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Long pageboy Hairstyle


Long pageboy was famous hair style in the 50's and 60's. Pageboy named was famous after an English page boy who is a servant boy in a small restaurant and he's hair is a smooth jaw-length hairstyle which is frequently combined with a horizontally shaped fringe or bang. Long pageboy hair style not only worn by men or women but also worn different types of celebrities. Long pageboy is well-known in fashion marked. Long page boy hair style is a woman's hairstyle.

Long page boy hairstyle is a normally shoulder-length or slightly shorter in back and on the sides. The hairstyle normally includes bangs on the forehead and it is cut under the ears which include a few layers but only sufficient to make sure a clean easy hair style.

Long PageBoy is Similar to BoB Hairstyle

Classic BOb/Long Pageboy:

  • The classic long pageboy hairstyle is comparable to Bob hairstyle.
  • Classic long pageboy hairstyle is fashionable hairstyle for women.
  • Classic long pageboy hairstyle was famous by Egyptian people.
  • Classic used to be a short haircut that highlighted your cheekbones.
  • In the 20's chin length long pageboy hairstyle became extremely popular.
  • This hair style again became popular by the the legendary English hairdresser Vidal Sassoon in 1963.
  • Classic hairstyle is very short, angular hairstyle cut on a horizontal plane and more stylish classic bob haircut.
  • Classic hairstyle is achieved on very short hair. If you hair is curly used any strong hair gel to straight your hair.
  • Classic hairstyle is short from the bottom of the ears all round the head haircut.
  • Classic hairstyle was worn also with straight cut bangs.

A-line BOb/Long Pageboy:

  • A-line is another type of pageboy hairstyle.
  • A-line hairstyle is a geometric bob with a straight trimming.
  • The capital A with a horizontal line means straight trimming hair which passing from the ears.
  • A-line hairstyle sometime compare with blunt hair cut.
  • A-line hairstyle is easy to manage and very simple hair style.
  • This hairstyle is made for young women because they want to look Hot.
  • In A-line hairstyle, hair are long in the front combined with a short or very short trimmed below neck the top hair.
  • To maintain this hair style no need of hair gel or any kind of hair spray.
  • Only required a strong conditioner hair shampoo for shine and smooth hair.

Asymmetrical BOb/Long Pageboy:

  • Asymmetrical hairstyle is totally different from A-line pageboy hairstyle.
  • Asymmetrical hairstyle is perfect for very short hair.
  • Asymetrical hairstyle means the bang which give a more playful touch to the classic bob.
  • In Asymetrical hairstyle, hair are cut on the back of the head little shorter than on the sides.
  • You can called Asymmetrical bangs and also very fashionable on short or longer hair styles.

Long BOb/Long Pageboy:

  • Long bob hairstyle is different from classic bob hairstyle.
  • Long bob hairstyle required very short hair.
  • Long Bob is a shoulder-length haircut.
  • Long-bob hairstyle can also be combined with straight or asymmetrical bangs.

Mod BOb/Long Pageboy:

  • Mod hairstyle is another version of bob hairstyle.
  • This hair style give you a funky look.
  • In Mod hairstyle, includes extra texture to the cut and is a lighter type of cut.
  • Heavy bangs that can be pushed to one side of the head.
  • To maintain this hairstyle use styling products such as wax, hair gel and hair spray is used to give shape to the hair.

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