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The hime cut is called the princess cut. The hime haircut with an attached mini hat for adults females. The hime cut is very popular in the japanese and korean people. This is american hairstyling. The hime cut is a straight fringe with two long bits at either end that frame face. This hime cuts usually look attractive crazy on wavy or curly hair. This hair cut is like the face framing layers. This haircut consists of cheek-length side-cut bangs and frontal fringe cut. The rest of the hair is always damaged long and straightened.

Why the Hime-cut Called as Princess Cut?

Actually hime cut is know as princess cut because this type of cut is called as a womanly or female cut, especially for women. In Latin word it is called as Princeps, means principal citizen. Well, most of time this term has been used for the consort or companion of a prince. This hair style worn by women that is commonly seen in anime and manga.

  • Anime and Manga: Generally straight hair, cheek-length side-cut like bangs or and frontal fringe and the rest of the hair is typically worn long and straightened. This style really become common in the Imperial court during the Heian Period of Japanese history, but for noble women would sometimes grow out their hair for their complete lives.
  • Heian Period: Earlier division of standard Japanese history which is managing from 794 to 1185. In Japanese history it is the period of confucianism and other chinese influences were at their height. Where as Heian Period is also measured the peak of the Japanese imperial court which is famous for its art and for poetry, literature means peace or tranquility in Japanese.

Treatment and Maintenance of Hime Cut Hair

Any haircut need precaution and proper maintenance but also it is depend on you how you take care of your hair. Hime cut especially famous in the Japanese. In Japanese culture there are many ways to take care of your normal hair but for hime cut how they maintain there silky and make then shiny.

  • For hime cut you need extremely high-maintenance especially for those who have not natural straight hair.
  • Hime cut, frequently requires touch-ups on the side and frontal bangs to maintain their shape.
  • In the Japanese hair straightening used for sometimes to help with these problems as well as straightening iron and also used formulated shampoos for straight hair.
  • Japanese Hair Straightening, also called as Thermal Reconditioning and in the USA, it is a method of permanently straightening human hair.
  • This process is used for smooth out the hair, but it is completely different from relaxers and this process takes two to eight hours, depending on the length, thickness and condition of hair.
  • Thermal Reconditioning beneficial for minimum damage to hair and different straightening techniques.
  • For curly hair, dampness is also mention as a problem with curly hair. The curly hair caused by excess dampness can change the shape of the bangs and fringe. Rarely for the side-cut bangs hair extensions and weaves are used to avoid.

Hime Cut Hairstyles facts

This himecut hairstyle is normally seen in Gothic Lolita subculture, the organization of Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL) and the EGL society the Hime is measured a additional elegant alternative to other styles that might need frequent curling and crimping that can permanently damage the hair.

Simple Steps- How to do Hime Cut?

  • For hime cut you need long straight hair and comb out all knots from your hair.
  • Protected hair that is not to be cut away from the bang or knock area.
  • See that you have the same amount of hair on each side before you begin cutting
  • Start cutting from nose level.
  • Brush or comb and check length.
  • If present length is not preferred, cut 1/4 inch and then use this snipped part as a guide for the remainder of the bangs.
  • Continue the directions above until you are happy with the length.
  • Please go slowly. As your bangs will grow back, you do not want to make a mistake.
  • If you want a softer, feather look to your bangs, trim tiny wedges from the boundaries and keep your scissors on a vertical angle.

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