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French Twist Hairstyle


The french twist hairstyle is most common updo hair styling method. It is shaped by gathering hair in a low ponytail and twisting the braid upwards until it turns in on itself next to the head. It is then secured with pins, clips, sticks or a comb. This hairstyle created by roy teeluck and up do include the downtown updo.

A french twist can be shaped from as regarding any length of hair or kind of texture.  Still great short tressed young ladies can be french twisted with the help of pin on ponytails. The classic updo is the ideal way to add stylish touch for your proper occasion, whether it be a wedding or prom or a special event. The french twist hairstyle is suit on any kind face like long, narrow shaped face might be advantage from a few face framing tendrils of hair to soften the look.

Crystal French Twist Comb

Crystal French Twist Comb

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French Twist for Long Hair

  • Collect hair in a high braid and twist from the base up.
  • Revolve and push hair in the fold of the twist as you move down. If your hair is more long, fold up twist in half, before rolling and tucking.
  • Go down hair pins into the fold from top to bottom to locked the twist.
  • If wanted , use a touch of hair spray or styling gel to finish the style.

Basic French Twist Steps

The basic french twist can be rolled in 10 minutes one time you are experienced with the technique.

  • Flat hair into a low braid. Use gel or mousse if necessary to domestic wander away strands to present a slick, smooth appearance, please do not use a braid holder. Now hold the hair in put as you start the style.
  • Pick up the tail directly up against the back of the head in the place you had similar to the twist to lie. Twist the hair slightly to form a thick roll.
  • Twist the roll to tuck ends below, noting that the twist at the top will be the top of the finished twist.
  • Put the whole roll within itself with reliable force to keep hair on the outside of the twist smooth. Remain putting until the outer limits of the roll vanish, leaving a fold at the edge of the twist.
  • Safe the twist with bobby pins, hair pins, a claw, hair sticks, or other accessories..

Easy French Twist

If you discover twisting your possess hair also difficult to attain elegant success at first, consider visiting a shop for help with your method. These tips will also create creating a french twist simpler:

  • Please use a spray on conditioner to reduce knots.
  • Quietly soft small bumps out of a finished twist with a wet fine toothed comb.
  • Softly spray the finished twist to assist quiet frizz and keep the style elegant and sleek.
  • Offset the first braid slightly to assist center the finished twist on the head.
  • Twist hair that has not been washed for a day or so to make easier attain the smooth look using your natural hair oils in its place of add-in products.
  • Put in skill to the style with additional accessories such as jeweled hair pins, flowers, or decorative combs.

How To Do a French Twist

  • Get huge parts of your hair and using a large row brush, start to lightly back comb all over the place. This will give your twist body and raise. Once all the hair is done, quietly flat out the hair with no brushing out the back combing.
  • Lightly brush your hair all the method to one side, making certain the hair is actually smooth. Using as a lot of pins as wanted, pin your hair directly up the back.
  • Collect the remaining hair. Place your thumb in the middle and twist the hair about your thumb. Take hair as a lot of hair pins and safe the twist. For added safety, make certain you really gather the hair into the pin and press on it into place.
  • Stop the whole look with hair spray to domestic any little flyaway's or hairs that are coming out.

French twist hair pictures

French Comb

A French Comb holding a French Twist

French Roll

A Dressed Up French Roll - Hair

Half French Twist

Half French Twist

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