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Ear infections natural treatments – Natural home remedies


Ear infections are mostly caused by viruses and mainly affect the eardrum, ear canal and the middle ear. Sometimes infections are caused due to injuries which mainly occur due the change in pressure which happens during the direct injury or scuba diving. If one is having a continuous ear pain, one should consult the doctor immediately and take proper necessary treatments.

There are various symptoms for ear infection. It includes ear pain, swelling in the ear, ringing, and loss of hearing, nausea, vertigo, and discharge from the ears, vomiting and others. Sometimes, ear infection can lead to common cold. A person who swims should take care of their ears as the risk factor to have ear infections is higher.

What are the home remedies for treating ear infections?

  1. Medicines are often not good for the body. There are some medicines which are natural and can be prepared at home to treat the infections in the ears. Some of them are mentioned below.
  2. A warm 2-3 drops of onion juice provides relief to the ear.
  3. Warm water in a bottle applied to the infected ear for around 10-15 minutes also helps to decrease the pain.
  4. One can also apply 2-3 drops of lukewarm olive oil in each ear to reduce the infection.
  5. When there is an infection of the ear in kids, pillows should be avoided while sleeping and the mattress should be elevated.
  6. One can take a large sock and keep a cup of warm rice on the affected region of the child’s ear for around 10 minutes is also effective and beneficial.

You should also try using lobelia extract in these conditions. Put couple of drops and rub gently. It will ease pain and irritation. Washing your ear with colloidal silver could also prove to be very beneficial as it happens to be a natural and effective antibiotic.

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