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Diet for High Blood Pressure – ways to stay healthy


The medical term for blood pressure is the hypertension. It has got no symptoms initially but it is very dangerous as it can lead to some kind of disease after certain years. It is basically known as the silent killer. During blood pressure, the heart pumps the blood into the arteries as far as it reaches to each and every organ from the head to the feet.

Many of the people who suffer from blood pressure are unaware of it. High blood pressure can lead to many diseases if it is not properly treated. It can lead to stroke, failure of the kidney, aortic aneurysms, heart attack and many more. Blood pressure depends on age, gender, heredity and race. It is found that African American is more prone to the attack of blood pressure than the Caucasians. This disease is mostly seen among the men.

What diet should be followed?

A healthy diet should be followed to beat this disease. One should greatly take care and maintain their diet. One should lower the intake of sodium or salt and alcohol which are the main reasons for the blood pressure. One should include the following things in their diet.

In a day, one should at least take vegetables of 4-5 servings, fruits of 4-5 servings, fat free milk and its products of 2-3 servings, nuts, beans and seeds of 4-5 servings in a week, whole grain of 6-8 servings and Meat, fish and poultry less than 6 servings. One should intake less amounts of sweets, red meat, fats and oils.

Moreover, one should also not drink alcohol. Research and studies indicate that alcohol has a direct effect on blood pressure. Alcohol happens to damage the internal linnings of the blood vessels, in turn elevating the pressure and along with it complications and risks.

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