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How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets?


Yellow jackets belong to the genus Vespula and are a kind of rare wasps which can be considered as pestiferous, taking into account the protective behavior and the colony size. The aggression is seen at the end of summer, because this time the colony breaks and the wasps need more food for sustaining. Below are given some methods to get rid of these wasps.

Keep the Sources of Food Away

The best way to keep yellow jackets out is to keep protein sources indoors. Pet food is rich sources of protein and yellow jackets are attracted to these sources a lot. So to keep these scavenging pests out, keep your pet’s food bowl indoors and clean.

Sealing of Garbage Cans

We tend to throw everything in our garbage bags and the protein rich food matters in the bins are windfall to many animals, one of them being yellow jackets. The leftover proteins will be very appealing to the appetite of yellow jackets.

Sealing of Siding and Awning

The siding and awning should be sealed properly. The entry of yellow jackets from the voids of roofing and siding should always be prevented.


Mechanical traps can be used to check the population of yellow jackets. The ideal time to put these traps is during the earlier period of warm season. If the trap is set before the time when the queen starts to look for optimum nesting place, the entire colony can be eliminated if that one queen is trapped.

How to Destroy the Nests

The nests of yellow jackets are removed in the same way as the nests of other wasps. Do not forget to wear thick clothes to avoid the stings of these pests. Destroy the nests early in summer, before the colony gets too large. Poisoning should be done when the temperature falls down to low levels, as yellow jackets cannot fly properly in low temperatures.

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