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How to get rid of Woodpeckers?


It is not easy to completely get rid of woodpeckers. You need to keep in mind that you have to tackle the problem without harming the bird. There are stringent laws under which the birds are protected. So below are given some measures of woodpecker control, all of which aim to causing no harm to the birds.

Examine the surroundings for moving woodpecker out

Before you undertake any woodpecker control, look out for pest infestations or previous damage. Woodpeckers usually attack a house, when they get to know about the presence of a particular insect which is hiding in the siding. All the superficial damage should be repaired immediately.

Suet Feeder

To get rid of woodpeckers, putting up suet feeders is of not much use. However, they have the effect of prohibiting the woodpeckers to drill more holes. Keep the feeder close to the area which is frequented by the woodpecker and then gradually, move it away, day by day, till the time the woodpecker develops the habit of feeding on the feeder instead of drilling holes on your house.

Visual Deterrents

Visual deterrents can be anything which reflects light. You can also use the silhouettes of predators like falcons and hawks. These have a problem that the woodpeckers get accustomed to the static deterrents.

Sound Deterrents

 If the above two methods fail, try using sound deterrents. These devices have loudspeakers which are able to detect motion and they give out the calls of predatory birds or woodpecker distress calls. This scares the woodpeckers away. The sound deterrents are not cheap; some of them are priced at hundreds of dollars.

The strategies told above are sufficient enough to be used alone, but they are often used together as an integrated woodpecker control approach. It is advised to put up a netting first of all to prevent the damage immediately. After this employ the methods told above to get rid of woodpeckers.

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