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How to get rid of Whiteheads?


Whiteheads are a part of the common problem of acne. These are formed when your sebaceous follicles are blocked with dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria. Also known as closed comedones look like small, white, raised spots and appear mostly around the cheekbones and the nose. Since air cannot reach the infected follicles through the minute opening of whiteheads, they become inflamed.

Various causes of whiteheads

Whiteheads are formed due to excessive exfoliation of the skin cells, which makes the dead cells rapidly fill up the sebaceous follicles. If your skin produces abnormally dry sebum, these can turn into blockades for the skin pore. Under such conditions, you could experience frequent bouts of whiteheads and blackheads.

Along with sebum, your skin also produces linoleic acid that keeps the skin healthy and supple. When there is a lack of this essential fatty acid, the sebum becomes less viscous and solidifies to form firm plugs for the pores. This causes skin irritation and leads to the formation of whiteheads, blackheads and other acne infections.

Preventive measures for whiteheads

Routine skincare is essential for people with whitehead-prone skin. You should wash your skin twice daily using a mild facial cleanser. Go for a gentle facial scrub once in a week to remove accumulations of sebum, dead cell and plugs. Do not use oil-based makeups as this can clog the pores further. 

You could include a hot compress treatment in your regular skin regimen. You have to first use a sterile syringe to pop the whiteheads, squeeze out the sebum and then apply a hot, wet compressor to keep the pore open and free from infection. You could use an herbal exfoliating pack made of oatmeal, yogurt and milk for massaging the affected areas. Drinking adequate water and using topical acne creams and lotions also work.

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