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How to get rid of White Flies?


Whiteflies are not flies at all. They are actually a member of the order Hemoptera and are thus relatives of aphids, bugs and leafhoppers. More than 1000 types of whiteflies are found, and they all exhibit similar kind of pestilential lifecycles. Moreover, all of them are enemies to gardeners. These flies feed on the plant sap. They are also the secretor of honeydew, which attracts other pests. When this honeydew gets old it produces molds which are again harmful to the plants. The methods to get rid of whiteflies are given below.

Manual Removal

One can use a small hand vacuum to get rid of whiteflies. This vacuum can also help reducing the eggs, larvae and the nymphs of the flies.

Natural Enemies

Another way to get rid of whiteflies is to get the natural enemies of them. One of the enemies of whiteflies is ladybird. These insects love eating whiteflies. Another predator is Encarsia Formosa. Dozens of other predators are available commercially, which come very cheap are very garden friendly also.

Use of Sticky Traps

These traps are yellow in color, and they attract the whiteflies a lot. They can be either kept at the plant level or can be hung from the branches. You can see the [progress of this method while changing the traps. They can be bought from any gardening stores or can be made using thick paper with petroleum jelly.

Using Whiteflies Repelling Plants

Plants like Mexican and French Marigolds are effective whitefly repellants. Whiteflies cannot tolerate the scent of these flowers. Nasturtiums are another such plants. They can be grown very easily. The flowers are very beautiful and attract beneficial insects.


Whiteflies are very resilient and they develop immunity to various kinds of chemicals very easily. So it is always better to avoid pesticides as they will grow immune to them and will infect the neighboring gardens.

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