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How to get rid of Weevils?


Weevils are actually a type of beetles, but very small ones, with their size hardly going above .25 inches. The most common types of these pests found are Granary Weevil and Rice Weevil. These weevils are also known as snout weevils. Female weevils lay their eggs by drilling holes in grains and after laying their eggs they seal the holes with some substance secreted by them. The larvae feed on the matter surrounding them. The number of eggs laid by a single female can reach up to 400. To get rid of these pests the following measures can be adopted.

Removal of Contaminated Food

This method seems to be a stupid method, but it is actually the first step towards getting rid of weevils. Find out the contaminated food products from your store and then remove them.

Killing Weevils with Cold

Future problems with weevils can be avoided if we freeze the food. Keep the freezer as cold as you can and leave the food for a few days. This will kill all the eggs and larvae of weevils.

Killing Weevils with Heat

If you cannot freeze your food, do the reverse.  Heat it. Preheat the oven to around 120°F and leave your food products in it for an hour. Be cautious about seeds and other kind of stuff which can get damaged due to heating.

Proper Food Storage

 Keep your cupboards and pantry clean. Make it a point to clean the pantry at regular intervals. Keep all the perishable items in air tight containers. Also, buy the food products in small amounts.

Use of Pyrethrins

Using pesticides to kill weevils is not a very good ides. Weevils reside in your food products and you will not like your food contaminated with pesticides. So pyrethrin can be the maximum limit up to which you may try using pesticides. Still, direct spraying of pyrethrin aerosol on food matter should be avoided.

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