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How to get rid of Tension and Headaches?


Are you worried about for your Tension and Headaches?

Countless people are suffering daily with the tension headaches of the side-effects of day-to-day stress. Tension headaches often stem from chronically tight muscles in the neck and upper back. This pain is steady and can feel very dull and both sides of the head like a cap and tight band around the head and it include tension in neck muscles and shoulders. This tension and headache is most common form of headache.

The reason behind the Tension Headache is work, school, and personal issues can take their toll on your mind as well as your body. If you're too tense or anxious about things taking place in your life, then it will convert to Tension Headache. Dietary reasons and lack of exercise may also cause tension headache.

Remedies or treatments

  • Apply moist heat - By applying moist heat on your neck and shoulders you can get rid from tension headache. For example soaked a towel in very warm water and provide heat to your neck and shoulder. If moist heat is impractical or isn't available, use dry heat.
  • Take Tablets - Take an aspirin or an ibuprofen tablet such as Motrin or Anacin or bufferin right away immediately without delay. These pills have ingredients that help to shrink the swollen vessels that are contributing to your headache.
  • Topical analgesics - They are creams, ointments, or drops that have an effect similar to oral analgesics, although they are administered externally.
  • Drink Cold Water - Start sipping very cold, ice water with plenty of ice in the glass and sip frequently. Also put your cold fingers or a cold cloth with some ice in it against your forehead just to cool it down. It helps to remove headache.

Encourage your Tension Headache Go Away - Do Exercise

Tension headache sufferers often have limited mobility in the neck, so the different ways to turn your head are back, down to chin, side-to-side and ear-to-shoulder. Do it each of these on both sides for a total of six separate movements, and hold the position until you feel the tension release.

Take Massage Therapy and Yoga meditation

Most of the people usually massage their heads or temples to make the headache go away. Yoga is also becoming a popular activity and exercise among many people. The great thing about recreational yoga is that its goal is to get rid of stress and tension.

Strategies for sit and stand up

Sit up straight and stand up straight. Assume the military position: shoulders back, head up, chest out, stomach tight. If you sit all day, get a chair with good back support.


This technique for getting rid of tension headaches is good. Talk to your doctor to see if there may be benefits for you and take this meditation.

Go for a walk

A long walk can help you to get fresh air and also reduce your stress level. This will help you get rid of a tension headache.

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