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How to get rid of Squirrels?


Squirrels seem to be cute little furry harmless animals. They are indeed harmless but when they get determined, they can really ruin your garden. There are many reasons which force gardeners to get rid of the little creatures. Below are given some tried methods to keep them out.


Safflower seeds are very popular bird feeding seeds. Most of the varieties of birds like these seeds. On the other hand these seeds are very bitter to the squirrels in the garden. So they will not touch the feeders.

Feed Them

Get some squirrel food. Squirrels love to eat peanuts, corn etc. Get some of their favorite food and scatter it in the garden. This will have the squirrels running in the yard for the morsels of food rather than ruining your bird feeders. Squirrel feeders can also be considered. They will have some food and you will have some visual treat by the furry little creatures.


These sprinklers are all motion activated. They keep away all sort of critter from you’re your garden and the plants in your yard will love the water spray.

Strobe Lights:

Strobe lights can be installed in the attics. They are very irritating for the squirrels and the little creatures do not really want to stay in the vicinity of these lights.


If shooting squirrels is legal in your area, bring out the big gun and get rid of the furry critter. It is the ultimate option.

Get a Squirrel Proof Feeder:

Invest in some good squirrel proof feeder. They are designed in such a way that they can bear the weight of birds but when a squirrel tries to climb it, the feeding ports get blocked. Some of the feeders have mechanism to throw off the squirrel or even give it a mild electric shock.

These are some of the many methods to keep squirrels away from the bird feeders. Other methods include the use of squirrel baffles, live traps, and different types of squirrel repellants.

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