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How to get rid of Snakes?


Snakes are one of the most dreaded reptiles. There is whole range of snakes which can make your property their property. Some of them can be really venomous too. However, snakes should not be killed, because of the dwindling populations of many of the species of the reptile. Then again, there are many reasons why you would not like to have these creepy creatures in your compound. Follow the following methods to get rid of the crawling animals.

Remove Thick Shrubs

Snakes like shrubs. All the bushes, shrubs and thick gardens should not be in the vicinity of the house. These things provide them with shelter.

Mow Your Lawn:

Tall grass can be a perfect hiding place for snakes. So mowing the lawn is efficient to control snakes. Tall grasses are also home to a plethora of small animals which are favorite food of snakes. So removing tall grasses will also remove the food sources of snakes.

Remove Wood Piles:

All the piles of wood, mulch and compost should not be kept close to the house. Snakes hide under these things to cool off in hot days. So snake control can be done effectively by removing the safe spots.

Get Rid of Rodents:

Snakes are found mostly in the areas where they find their favorite food- rats, squirrels and other rodents. So locate the places where rodent population is high and get rid of the furry animals.

Getting Rid of Garter Snakes:

Get rid of nasty insects like crickets, bugs, grasshoppers etc.  Keep in mind that getting rid of these nasty insects is a tad too difficult. So if you do not have much problem with garter snakes, let the silent snakes do their jobs silently- silencing the annoying insects.
Keep in mind that snakes can be really dangerous. So take all the necessary protective measures when you are dealing with the slithering creatures.

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