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How to get rid of Snails?


Snails, which are gastropod mollusks, are a big hazard to gardens. It is not that snails cannot be killed easily, but the problem is that they are persistent. Snails can also produce asexually and their eggs are not easy to see. Below are given some techniques to get rid of snails.

Putting Obtuse Objects:

The skin of snails cannot be irritated easily. A snail can slid on the edge of a razor sharp blade. They can repair the damage with the mucus secretion. However, if the oozing of mucus is too high it results in dehydration and eventually the snail dies. Tree bark, egg shells are some of the things which can be put on the garden borders to keep the creepy creatures out.


Poisoning is not much advisable, but one poison is there which can suit the gardener’s needs. Iron Phosphate is the key constituent of that poison. It has no side effects and it works effectively on snails. Its pellets should be spread evenly throughout the infested area.


Caffeine of coffee has adverse effects on the slimy creatures. If snails are exposed to caffeine, they die easily. Leftover coffee can be used along with coffee ground which can be used as garden mulch.

Yeast Traps:

These traps have been found to be very effective in getting rid of snails. It is very easy to make a yeast trap at home. Keep a jar in ground, keeping its top leveled to the soil. Pour some beer in it. During night snails will gather around it, attracted by the smell and will fall into it. Once they are in, it is very difficult to get out, as their mucus membrane is destroyed by beer. The position of jar can be changed regularly.

Remove the Habitat:

Remove all the piles of rotting piles and debris and keep them out. Snails like moist and shady places. The compost pile should be kept as away as possible. The soil should be kept free of weeds. Also, animals like frogs and toads can help a lot because of their taste for snails.

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