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How to Get Rid of Skunks?


All the lovers of gardening are troubled by some pests. One pest which all the gardeners want to get rid of is Skunk. They can really harm your fruits and vegetables. Some tips for getting rids of these nasty garden destroyers are given below.

Use the Citrus Smell

Skunks are some of the animals which loathe the smell of citrus. Citrus peels spread around garden can really shoo away skunks in one whiff. The concentration of peels should be more in the area where skunks are more likely to found.

Using Bright Lights

Skunks do not like lights. So the place where skunks are found the most should be well illuminated with some bright light. A revolving light source can also act as a skunk repellant.

Use of the Smell of Other Animals

Scents like those of the urine of dogs, coyotes etc can be used to drive away skunks from your property. Also, animal urine can be bought from some garden stores. It is usually sold in the form of spray or granules.


Cotton balls soaked in ammonia can be used as skunk repellant, but they work as long as they are wet. Once the ammonia evaporates, the balls are of no use. So you need to keep them soaked always, and this seems to be one drawback of this method.

Remove Sources of Food

Trash and food are the things that attract skunks. If there are substances like garbage in your property, remove it. If you want to eliminate skunks from your garden, one thing is for sure that skunks are attracted to your vegetables and fruits and you cannot remove them! So in that case use the above methods.

Elimination of Skunk Burrows

The most effective method is to eliminate the burrows where skunks live. During spring, however care should be taken as there may be babies in the burrows.

Your beautiful garden can be ruined by skunks in almost no time. Moreover, if agitated, they can fill your garden with their foul smell. The methods described above are effective in getting rid of these animals.

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