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How to get rid of Sinusn Headaches?


Fix your Sinus Headache

A sinus headache is a terrible pain caused when there is too much pressure in the cavities located in your forehead, cheekbones, and behind the bridge of your nose. The sinuses drain through channels in nose, when a sinus becomes inflamed, then result of an allergic reaction, a tumor, or an infection, the inflammation causes swelling and increased mucus production and the channels can become blocked. Due to the increased pressure in the sinuses causes a pain similar to a headache.

Symptoms related to Sinus Headache

  1. Mostly you get pain in the morning, because mucus has been collecting and draining all night.
  2. You feel Nasal stuffiness due to Sinus.
  3. Stuffy nose.
  4. You also feel like fever.

Home Treatment for Sinus Headache

Take Plenty of Rest - Sinus headaches can be uncomfortable and painful especially when you also have the congestion so it is best not to exhaust your body further and take rest at your home.

Get a humidifier - A humidifier keeps the air moist in your home. It will help you to breathe easier, especially at night. The humidifier is helpful to open up your nasal passageways, so it preventing mucus blockage and inflammation to occur. With the open nasal passages will help alleviate your sinus headache.

Alternate hot and cold compresses - It will place a hot compress across your sinuses for three minutes, and then a cold compress for 30 seconds. You should repeat this procedure three times per treatment, two to six times a day.

Inhaling Steam - By inhaling Steam you will get relief from sinus headache. You can add few drops of peppermint oil also. You can inhale steam from a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head, this is an easy way to inhaling steam.

Increase your fluid intake - By drinking plenty of water you can hydrate your body, it is an effective way to promote sinus drainage and prevent your nasal lining from becoming dry and easily irritated. It also help to stops nasal and sinus congestion. Hot (non-caffeinated) tea is especially good because the steam loosens congestion in your sinuses.

Grape Fruit seed extract - Grapefruit-seed extract is a natural antibiotic and a very effective remedy which can be used in treatment of sinus infections and many more proving itself a good remedy for other problems.

Acupressure - Some people feel that their Sinus headaches get better with acupressure.

Medication for Removing Sinus Headache

Treatment might include antibiotics for the infection, as well as a short period of antihistamines, these are available in both oral and nasal spray forms, and as prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies, such as Benadryl. Other drugs to treat sinus infections include pain relievers, or if they don't provide relief, corticosteroids may be prescribed to further decrease the inflammation. Nasal corticosteroids -- These prescription sprays reduce inflammation of the nose and help relieve sneezing, itching, and runny nose.

In the case of chronic sinusitis that doesn’t' respond to medication, your doctor may recommend endoscopic sinus surgery.

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