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How to get rid of Scleroderma? - Best and Effective ways to treat Scleroderma


Scleroderma is an auto immune disease that affects the connective tissues. Auto immune diseases are those diseases whereby body tissues are affected by its own immune system. It forms a scar on the skin and the body making it thick and firm.

Beat scleroderma and save your life

SclerodermaSclerodermame allergic reaction making difficult to deal with scleroderma.

Do you believe traditional medicine can work?
Chinese herbs have shown a positive response by using a combination of blood vitalizers. They include red peony, carthamus, millettia, salvia, citrus,cyperus, codonopsis,astragalus, cinnamon, rehmania, antler gelatin, licorice and ho-shuo-wu.

Doctor says Scleroderma can be cured

Vitamin E - This should be prescribed by the doctor because not are recommended. There is a special one when consume it dissolves the fibrosis of scleroderma and protects microcirculation. The doctor will give you along with another vitamin to make the treatment effective.

Does Enzymes work in Scleroderma Treatment

  1. Fibrin busting enzymes are a special enzyme that dissolves blood clots and improve blood flow to other body organs including the skin. Apart from improving blood circulation, it also lowers blood pressure.
  2. Fibrinolytic tissue eating enzyme contained in a particular enzyme formulation and it is responsible in removing hardness in the skin throughout the body from inside. It also relieves you from pain and soften the scars.
  3. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, antacid, antihistamine can be used to reduce inflation and pain. Aspirin also prevents blood clotting in the fingers.
  4. Serotonin reuptake inhibitor including fluoxetine is used in dealing with depression s well as improving blood circulation.

Your lifestyle matters a lot for Cure of Scleroderma

For effective treatment of these drugs, make sure you keep off caffeine and smoking. This is because smoking will make your blood vessels narrow hence inhibits blood circulation.

Regular exercises will make your muscles strong and flexible to enable you perform daily tasks. It also improves blood circulation in your body.
Because your skin is infected sweat and oil glands may have crowed making it dry and stiff. Use oil based creams or lotion after taking a shower. You can also keep off hot bath to reduce dryness of the skin.

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