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How to get rid of Raccoons?


Raccoons are a common pest found in the US. They can be seen anywhere and everywhere. Raccoons are omnivorous animals and they eat almost everything. Moreover, if they are feasting in your property, they will not do so with dignity. Spilling the trash is their favorite pastime. They are good swimmers and if you have a pool, they do not mind taking a splash into it. And they will enjoy dining on your ornamental fish.

These are some of the reasons, why you want to loath this creature and for that matter some measures to get rid of these cute looking pests are given below:


Raccoon traps are the most efficient forms of raccoon removal. One thing which you need to keep in mind, that raccoon trapping is illegal in some states. The size of the live traps should be around 12”X12”X12”. You have the liberty of choosing the bait, because of the raccoons taste for everything edible under the sun.

Trash Protection

Raccoon control can be efficiently achieved if you are able to keep them off your garbage cans. Do not feed them and they will let you live peacefully and as said before, garbage cans are their favorite dining tables.

Keeping the Yard Clean

Keep all the birdfeeders in, at night. Also, no pet food should be left in the open. If Raccoons do not find anything, there is no reason they will come to your garden.


Fencing is another effective way, of making the raccoons feel that they are unwelcome. The fence can be electrified to get rid of the trespassers in a better way. All the wood piles should be done away withy so that the raccoons do not find nay cover.

Scare Techniques

To get rid of raccoons, ultrasonic devices can be used. These creatures can be scared very easily. Other devices include motion activated flood lights, sprinklers, noisemakers, radios etc. One thing should be kept in mind that raccoons are very smart and they can get to know that all these devices can do no harm to them. This problem can be solved easily; switch on the devices at some interval.

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