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How to get rid of Pinworms? - Kick pinworms out of your house


Pinworms are tiny worms that are common in children and live in the intestines. They breed on the surface near the anus and cause itching. They can also move around the bedding when sleeping.

The irritation makes the child scratch her bottom and make them go to the nails and hands hence spreading to other parts. This makes it contagious, so hygiene should first degree.

Prevention for Pinworms

  • Ensure that you maintain proper hygiene both in the house and kids as well by cleaning beddings, toilets and clothes especially underwears and sleeping gowns regularly.
  • Don’t forget to clean the kitchen, toys and all other surfaces with disinfectant.
  • Wash your hands regularly using anti-bacterial soap especially after visiting the toilet, before and after eating.
  • Help your children washing hands after playing and visiting the toilet.
  • Remember to cut their nails short prevent the eggs from hiding. Bath your children every morning to reduce egg contamination.
  • Allow proper ventilation in your house because the eggs are sensitive to light. This will discourage the breeding.

Do you want natural remedies for Pinworms?

Garlic is the best since it is toxic to pinworms. Grind garlic to make paste. Mix it with Vaseline then apply on the anus when going to bed. The Vaseline will stop the irritation and itching.

Castor oil and coconut help get rid of pin worms. Take 1 tablespoon of grated coconut in the morning. Followed by a spoon of castor oil which has laxative properties which flushes dead pinworms.

Medication to be received towards Pinworm infection

After the test turns out positive your doctor will prescribe drugs that will get rid pinworms. Some of the anti worm drugs include Vermox and Albenza. Another effective drug is Reese’s that it’s good when taken by each member of the family to ensure there are no recurring cases of the infection.

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