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How to get rid of pancreatitis?


It is a rapid inflammation of the pancreas. This organ contains enzymes that help in digestion of fats, protein and carbohydrates. It secrets insulin that is used in blood sugar level regulation.

So when the pancreas not working properly causing diabetes and the enzyme become vigorous and digest the pancreas itself. In severe case bleeding may occur as well as enzymes and poisons enter the blood streams harming the other body organs like the heart and lungs.

Don’t let Pancreatitis kill you

  1. When it is diagnosed, stop giving the patient food immediately. Let the pancreas rest by not secreting the digestive enzymes that come in once food reaches the stomach. Fluids should be recommended to help prevent dehydration and control pain.
  2. Add vegetables, sea foods, fruits and sea weeds in your diet.
  3. Use enzyme supplements to replace missing enzymes and restore normal digestion. Take the tables between meals and after meals.

A healthy lifestyle - it’s important for Pancreatitis too

If you are addicted to alcohol please stop. This can be the cause of your suffering. Coffee, stimulants and tobacco should also be avoided. Chronic pancreatitis may trigger diabetes therefore a healthy diet and regular exercise is recommended.

Medicine for curing Pancreatitis

Where phlegmon has developed antibiotics should be used. Antibiotics should be used where there is and infection. They include imipenem, ciprofloxacin, cefotaxime.

To reduce the pain painkillers can be of much help.

Cure of Pancreatitis by Surgery

It should not be the first option but in the case where your tissues have been damaged and infected, it has to be done. Where the condition is chronic and the pain does not respond well to the given treatment, a section of the pancreas will have to be removed.

Herbs have been there ever since for Pancreatitis

Use burdock root and red clover. These herbs help in cleansing the blood stream and liver reducing burden to the pancreas.
Reishi mushroom. Helps in boosting immunity and reduce inflammation.

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