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How to Get Rid of Opossums?


The scientific name of opossum is Didelphis virginiana. They are the only marsupial found the continent of North America. They have a pouch to carry their young ones. The animals possess opposable thumbs and prehensile tails. They are very resistant to different types of venoms. However, there are many regions for which you may want to drive these animals away from your property. For this following the tips given below can be useful.

Avoidance of Opossum

  • Remove Food for Opossums: To avoid these ugly looking creatures, put away food at night. Opossums eat almost anything and everything. So keep the lids of all your garbage cans tight. Make it a point to remove all the food matters lying outside in your property. Pick up all the fruits which have fallen to the ground, if you have fruit trees in your yard. Also, get the birdfeeders inside during night.
  • Remove Shelter: Pick up brush piles, and this can help keeping Opossums away. You can get rid of woodpiles or keep them in some tight shelter. All the doors of all the structures in your property should be kept closed.
  • Traps: Opossums are harmless creatures. So killing them is not a good idea. Instead, opossum traps can be used. You can use anything smelly to lure the animal into the trap. 
  • Ammonia: Soak a piece of cloth in ammonia and place it in the area where opossum is most likely to be found. The stink of ammonia is very effective in driving the nasty looking marsupials away.


Many critter repellants are available in the market, which are effective in keeping opossums away. One such repellant contains powdered fox urine which is loathed by opossums. Repellants containing the urine of the predators of opossums, in any form, can be found from online stores or from the markets and are found to be very efficient

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