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How to get rid of Nasal Congestion? - Home remedies to cure Nasal Congestion


It is an unpleasant experience that causes irritation in the mucous membrane and over production of the mucous hence causing difficulty in breathing. Nasal congestion is caused by virus or bacteria.

Ways of dealing with Nasal Congestion

You can be free from nasal congestion by use of medicine, home and herbal remedies.

Home/ Herbal Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Beverages and spices
When your nose is congested, Make soup and drink when hot to make soothe the throat and ease congestion. Spicy foods also stimulate the mind and induce sweating which helps in giving relief.

Horse radish
You can mix horseradish, honey and apple cider vinegar then eat. This will give you quick relieve.

Carom seeds
Make powder from carom seeds then put it in a piece of cloth and place it in a pillow to inhale while sleeping.

Watch your Lifestyle and Diet

Beverages and spicy foods
Make soup and drink when hot to soothe the throat and ease congestion. Again eating spicy foods will stimulate your mind and induces sweat hence relieve

Drink plenty of fluids
Fresh Juice contains vitamin c which is good booster for immunity systems of your body. This will help in eliminating cold, flu and nasal congestion

Boil water the add 2-3 tomatoes add salt and black pepper powder and garlic paste then take 2-3 times a day to clear nasal congestion.
Relax by getting enough sleep. This will help in quick recovery.

Medicine treatment for Nasal Congestion

It makes the blood vessels in the lining of the nose shrink. This brings relief stuffiness. They can only be effective when caused by minor ailment that has not developed to an infection. There are found in oral form like drixoral nasal decongestant and saline solution afrin nasal saline moisturizing mist.

It helps reduce the amount of mucus. Oral antihistamine include benadryl allergy chewable, chlor-trimeton allergy tablets.

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