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How to get rid of Mucus? - How good or bad is mucus?


The role of mucus is to act as a filter for pollutants like dirt, bacteria and pollen inside your nose, throat ad lungs. It also protects your ski ad tissue against damage, counters cervical infection ad shields the stomach tissue from the damage caused by acids. However, it becomes problematic when there is an excess production of mucus.

Sometimes your body naturally produces extra mucus for washing out infectious contaminants. But in the process you get phlegm, a runny nose and too much booger. Or you might be suffering from some more serious health condition and the excessive flow of mucus could be simply a symptom for it. 

Classifications of mucus types      

You might have observed that while freshly sorted out mucus is a clear liquid it could become yellowish if it remains inside your nose for some time. This is because the color and thickness of the mucus is directly connected with the kind of infection causing it. When your white blood cells launch a fight against the invading microbes, some of them get killed along with the microbes. The mucus capturing both of these becomes yellowish green.

If you are a regular smoker you could get nicotine stained brown mucus. If you are suffering from some severe infection, the great amount of mucus produced by your body would turn thick, opaque and sticky. Sometimes, you could notice a reddish tit I the mucus owing to presence of blood.

Ways to treat mucus  

You need not visit a doctor to get rid of mucus unless you are experiencing chronic mucus that is refusing to go away naturally. You could take steam, try a hot shower, drink warm beverages like tea and coffee, gargle with warm water, drink ample water ad use OTC drugs like expectorants and nasal sprays to reduce mucus.

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