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How to get rid of Mosquito Bites?


Why do mosquitoes bite?

Mosquito bites can develop into large, swollen, ugly, extremely itchy welts on your skin. The peak time for getting these ugly marks is early morning and evening, when the mosquitoes are most active about finding prey and sucking blood. The blood sucked by mosquitoes is used for drawing protein and iron for reproductive causes.

Prior to ‘biting’ or inserting their proboscis into their prey, the mosquitoes find a chosen place on the skin to settle down. Afterwards they apply their saliva as a mild anesthetic to camouflage the pain caused by the bite. That is why it takes you a few minutes to feel the itch and pain of a mosquito bite.

The problem with mosquito bites 

Mosquito bites are potentially dangerous because these expose you to the risk of contracting diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue and encephalitis. Even if you do not get diseases, you can get ugly red scars from mosquito bites that get worse when scratched. The itch and pain could get worse if you are allergic to mosquito bites.

Remedies for mosquito bites  

Applying an antihistamine cream could give you immediate relief from the burning and itching of too may welts. If the pain is too severe, mild painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs could help. A cold shower could cool and soothe the skin. Alternatively, you could rub the insides of a refrigerated banana peel directly on the bites to reduce the swellings.

Other herbal cures of mosquito bites include the pulp of aloe vera that soothes and nourishes the affected skin, curing the burn. However, the best way to prevent the problem is not to scratch the welts. It would be far better if you could prevent the invasion of mosquitoes in your household by maintaining certain practices like changing stagnant waters from time to time, using mosquito repellants and putting up screens on your window frames.

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