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How to get rid of Man Breasts? - How man breasts are formed?


Man breasts are formed mostly due to the changes in your body during puberty. It could be simply because of an accumulation of excess fat in male chest, the swelling of mammary gland tissue in the chest (genuine gynecomastia), or the formation of a firm disc-like protrusion just under the areola (pseudogynecomastia).

Man breasts could be the result of both poor lifestyle and genetic factors. Generally, these disappear naturally at the onset of adulthood when the glandular tissue growth ceases. However, fatty man breasts that refuse to go could make you look grossly out of shape and the embarrassment it causes could take a toll on your confidence.

How exercises help reduce man breasts?

One of the ways to get rid of the rubbery, fibrous tissues of your man breasts is to do aerobic exercises. However, before you start your aerobic training, you must keep in mind that man breasts are pretty stubborn and take time to disappear. Hence, you must give it its own time and never lose motivation at the middle of a training session even if you do not see any initial results.

Walking is the most effective aerobic exercise for reducing man breasts. You could do morning walks religiously or hit the treadmill at a local gym. A gradual increase in the pace and duration of your walks will help burn out chest fats and improve the overall fitness of your body. You need to stick to the program for several weeks to see the results.

Other solutions to man breasts

Only surgery could remove genuine gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia. But the problem is surgery is expensive, causes scarring and tenderness and does not eliminate the problem from its roots. Hence, you might consider alternatives like chest toning and diet modification programs, alternative therapies and wearing concealing clothes.

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