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How to get rid of Lockjaw?


Lockjaw is also known as tetanus a disease where skeletal fibers get contracted and causes stiffness of the body muscles. The bacteria can enter the body through wound .to be on the safe side, get proper treatment and you will be relieved.

Do not be ignorant when issues like tetanus are discussed .seek treatment immediately when symptoms are seen otherwise it will kill you.

Prevention of Lockjaw is better than its cure

  • Don’t stress your jaws by chewing your food properly and taking time.
  • Avoid illicit drugs like amphetamine can cause temporary lockjaw. Be safe by keeping off such medication.
  • Do a warm compress on the affected area. Use a piece of cloth with warm water and wrap on the area to relax muscles. It will also reduce stress and pain.
  • Since lockjaw is a symptom of tetanus, get vaccinated before it’s too late. Vaccination helps in creation f more antibodies that fight the bacteria.
  • In the case of dirty wounds, make sure you clean them properly by removing the dead tissue. Get the wound treated or get a booster vaccine if you are old enough and had one when you were young.

If symptoms of Lockjaw persist see a doctor

Muscle relaxants - They are given to reduce rigidity and release the muscle spasms. They include dantrium and dantrolene which work by lowering the calcium amount in the muscle cells hence reduces sensitivity to the nerve signals.

Antibiotics like Penicillin, doxycline, metronidazole can be used to clear the infection and stop the spreading of the bacteria.

Tetanus immune globulin is given to neutralize the toxin that could be in the body and causing lockjaw. It will also reduce the speed of the infection. Analgesic can also be used to reduce the pain

Anticonvultant - They include diazepam and Phenobarbital. They treat muscle spasm caused by the infection and should be used for a short term to avoid your body being resistance to the medication.

Herbal remedy is for all ailments including Lockjaw

Use False White Teak by boiling the powder in 250 ml of water. Sieve then drink twice a day for 5 days and you will be relieved.

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