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How to get rid of Kidney stones? - Causes of formation of kidney stones


Kidney stones are actually solidified minerals or acid salts accumulated in the kidney. These are formed when the chemical composition of your urine is thrown out of balance. The urine could contain either excessive acid or excessive alkali, both of which can lead to kidney stones. Other related factors include drinking inadequate water, some genetic diseases and lifestyle problems like alcoholism, sedentary habits and obesity.

Various types of kidney stones

Depending on their chemical composition, kidney stones could be classified into several categories. Calcium stones containing calcium oxalate and other minerals are the commonest. These are formed due to metabolic problems, hyperparathyroidism, food imbalances and particular medications.

Uric acid kidney stones are made of uric acid and form because of drinking alcohol, eating a protein rich diet and suffering from gout and inflammatory bowel disease. Urinary tract infection, particularly in women give rise to Struvite kidney stones that sometimes become too large to pass. Hereditary diseases like cystinuria disable the kidney to absorb cystine amino acid, causing the rare Cystine kidney stones.

Symptoms of kidney stones

It is difficult to diagnose the presence of kidney stones unless you face problems like blood in urine, excruciating pain in the abdomen, back and side spreading to the groin and genital areas, painful urination, foul odor in urine, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are observed when the stone gradually moves from the kidney through the ureter to the urethra.

Treatment for kidney stones

Drinking adequate water and exercising can counter the risk of kidney stones. Avoiding red meat, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, dark green vegetables and chocolates also helps. However, you should visit a doctor if you suspect kidney stones. He would prescribe medicines to dissolve the stone and find out the exact causes or its formation and future prevention.

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