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How to get rid of Irritable Bowel Syndrome? - Understanding Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is a condition of intestinal disorder leading to chronic stomach upsets. It is entirely different from an occasional bout of diarrhea. IBS develops when the muscles of your large intestine or colon that normally contract and expand to aid the passage of undigested food materials towards the rectum, start malfunctioning.

IBS is often found to affect youngsters in their teens and girls more frequently suffer from this problem than boys. However, it is not fatal and causes no permanent damage to your intestines. Hence, if you get IBS treated in time, you will be able to overcome all the discomfort, pain and embarrassment associated with this condition.

Symptoms of IBS 

Under IBS, the colon muscles fail to synchronize with the working of the pelvic muscles for conducting smooth bowel movement. The problem crops when the muscles do not work in the right speed for carrying out the digestive procedure properly. As a result, the contents of the rectum fail to pass through the anus completely.

If you are suffering from IBS, you will be complaining of bloating, abdominal cramps gas pains, constipation followed by frequent diarrhea. However, these symptoms can be classified more minutely. Some people get instant relief from the accumulating gas pain as soon as they excrete stool. Others face a change in the pattern of bowel movements, like visiting the toilet more frequently. Still others can locate a physical in the appearance of the feces.

How to treat IBS?

In order to get rid of IBS, you need to fight its causes like stress, unhealthy food habit and taking certain medicines with IBS as side effect. You should consult a doctor if the stomach trouble continues beyond 12 weeks. After conducting a physical examination of your symptoms he may prescribe anti-diarrhea medications, laxatives, muscle relaxers or antidepressants.

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