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How to get rid of HPV?


The full form of HPV is Human Papillomavirus and it is responsible for causing highly contagious infection through sexual contacts with affected bed partners. HPV generally spreads due to unsafe sex, being unhygienic about genitals and polygamy. As a result, most sexually active young people, not too aware about the risks of these factors fall prey to HPV infection.

How HPV infections affect men and women

The infection caused by HPV is divided into high-risk and low-risk complication. The extent of the damage caused by high-risk complication can be gauged by doctors only after conducting a pap test. The low-risk complication causes common problems like breakout of genital warts, inflammation, pain, itching, burning and redness in the vagina of affected women and scrotum, thigh and groin area in affected men.

Women are particularly susceptible to HPV infections since once they experience genital warts, the problem keeps coming back for several months. The warts not only occur externally but also in clusters in the moist, inner parts of the vagina. Under such conditions, the vagina swells up to resemble a bumpy cauliflower and intercourse becomes a painful experience.

Symptoms of HPV complications

If you have contracted an HPV infection, you will experience pain and difficulty during urination, popping up of genital warts, severe itching and burning during intercourse, vaginal bleeding after intercourse, Yellowish discharge from the genitals, and appearance of small white, yellow or gray spots in the area surrounding the genitals. You might also face headache, backache or swelling of the glands.

How to tackle HPV infection

Colposcopy, Cryosurgery, Laser treatment, Schiller test and Biopsy are some common treatments for HPV infections. Three doses of HPV vaccines are available to virgin women aged between 16-26 years. However, the recurrence of this infection cannot be fully stopped you develop hygienic habits like using condoms and wearing clean under wears.  

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