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How to Get Rid of House Flies?


House flies are found to be really irritating as also they are found to be a barrier of various diseases. So to make your foods save from house flies you must be really careful as this is a safety for your family. There are two ways of getting them removed, one is by using pesticides, but that will obviously be having lack of environmental friendly nature whereas there is natural ways that are basically home based and they can be really good to stay away from house flies.

Remove Food Sources that Can Attract House Flies

The house flies have flies are known to have life circle of 10 days giving them plenty of time to punish you for the present moist at your home. So making the fruits and foods stay in a stored way is better so that they are not attracted to your place for their food.
Take care that trashes are stored in a covered bin. Then cover your food garbage’s in the waste paper baskets. Take care that all the foods scraps that are able to attract the house flies must be thrown out of the house carefully.

Make Traps for the Flies

Make a bowl trap or a jar trap for the flies. Make a piece of ripe fruit go into the jar and then make it sit in a place where you see them come commonly and once you see them go into the jar lock the jar.

Make a Trap with cider vinegar

A mixture of cider vinegar, soap and water will attract them and drawn them. And for the rest of the population try to go for making the use of hot vinegar go into the drains and pipes after being mixed with warm water. This way you will be able to make the perfect result come out.

There are other ways and insect killers available in the market, but they are having high risk factors. So using them is having side effects, go for these safe process to make your house become house fly free.

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