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How to get rid of Hookworm? - Understanding hookworm infections


A hookworm infection mostly remains dormant. Hookworms exist in many forms and the one infecting humans enters your body mainly through two sources. In most cases, the hookworm gains entry through the sole of your feet. In some exceptional cases, the hookworm infection may also migrate from dogs.

This second form of hookworm known as cutaneous larva migrans causes rashes in your skin. However, this is a minor infection that neither develops nor matures. On the contrary, the first form of human hookworm has the capacity of evolving into a human infective parasite and hence, which means it can both develop and reproduce.

How hookworms make a host of your body

Tropical and subtropical climate types are most suitable for the thriving of the hookworms that enter your body through the skin of your feet. The hookworm eggs require a particular amount of rainfall and temperature for hatching and forming larva. In its larva stage, the hookworm easily penetrates your skin and begins to migrate towards the intestines.

Once it has gained entrance in your body, the hookworms starts to make a feast of your blood. Because of their great need for iron, the hookworm keeps sucking on the blood lining of your intestines and brings on signs of anemia.

Health problems caused by hookworms

Although hookworm infection is asymptomatic in nature, you could spot problems like itchy feet, coughing and wheezing due to larva migrating through lungs, an upset stomach or abdominal pain and slight fever.

How to prevent hookworm infections

If you live in tropical or subtropical climatic zone, never roam about with naked feet on the soil. The hookworm eggs present in the dirt could be undergoing maturation process and can get into your body if you are not wearing shoes. If you keep pets, dispose their excreta properly and conduct de-worming to prevent spreading the infection.

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