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How to get rid of Hiccups?


How to identify hiccups

A hiccup, also known as hiccough is a sharp sound arising out of the sudden spasm or contraction of your diaphragm followed by the closing of the vocal chords or throat muscles when you breathe out. It is identified by a ‘hic’ sound or other sharp quick sounds from your mouth. Although hiccups are not a health problem but when these continue for some time, it could be discomforting and embarrassing. Hiccups are auto regulated and stop on their own.

Causes of hiccups

The exact cause of having hiccups is not known properly. It is generally understood that an irritation of the phrenic nerves in your diaphragm leads to hiccups. This irritation could occur when you swallow air with your food while eating too much or too fast. Taking aerated drinks like soda or soft drinks could cause a similar ingestion air, resulting in hiccups.

A raid change in the temperature of your stomach due to drinking of hot and cold fluids in quick succession cause hiccups. Lifestyle habits like smoking are yet another factor. Even psychological factors like being stressed, excited or getting emotional while taking food could be the cause of hiccups as well.

How to escape hiccups?

Try to fill your lungs fully by sucking in air and holding your breath for a few minutes. The air filled lungs would expand and create a pressure on the diaphragm, stopping hiccups. Often hiccups go away if you succeed in distracting yourself by suppose singing a song, talking, laughing or solving some mental math.

Take a mixture of honey, a little pepper, ginger juice and lime juice. Drinking warm water in small sips cure hiccups. Sucking on a wedge of fresh lemon can also help. Swallowing some hard sticky food like peanut butter or dry bread is also known to do away with hiccups.   

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