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How to get rid of Herpes?


Herpes or genital herpes is a common STD that could affect both men and women. However, it is seen in more men than in women. It is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 and spreads through sexual contact and also through small cuts and wounds in the skin and mucous membranes. Apart from the genital area, herpes could also infect your eye if you touch it with an infected finger. 

Different forms of herpes

One of the most common types of herpes is herpes whitlow that infects your fingers, toes and nails. However, it is not a dangerous problem and usually goes away within two weeks.

Mollaret's meningitis is another infectious disease caused by HPV 2. This is also not a serious problem and usually heals on its own. However, there are chances of relapse up to 5 years of contracting the infection.

When herpes is transferred from the mother’s body to her baby during childbirth, it is called neonatal herpes simplex. The risk of infection increases for the infant if the mother is at the verge of an outbreak of herpes blisters at the time of delivery.

Symptoms of herpes

The first symptoms of herpes appear around the second week of being infected in the form of pain and itching in the skin of the genitals. Next, you could find small tender sores breaking around the genitals.

These lesions rupture within a few days of appearing and turn into ulcers with pus like discharge. The pain and tenderness remains in the genitals until the wounds heal up. The first outbreak of herpes is characterized by symptoms similar to flu.   

Treatment for herpes

There is not permanent cure for herpes although its outbreaks could be suppressed by antiviral drugs. Newborns could be saved from contracting herpes through a caesarian delivery. The best way to prevent is to practice safe sex.

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