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How to get rid of Hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids and their causes

By hemorrhoids is meant inflammation of rectal and anal veins. If they are not treated in time, they could become painful, itchy and bleed bright red while passing stool.

Among the various causes of hemorrhoids, mention may be made of constipation, excessive straining during difficult bowel movements, diarrhea, severe coughing and sneezing, anal intercourse, lifting heavy things, sitting for long in a hard seat, pregnancy, childbirth etc.

Types of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can develop both inside and outside your anus. The external hemorrhoids are mostly itchy, irritating, burning and cause pain when sitting down. These hemorrhoids can be felt as a coagulated mass of swollen veins. External hemorrhoids can be strangulated by cutting off the blood supply from the veins. This eventually gives rise to hard, painful, purple blood clot formation, called a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

An internal hemorrhoid can elude your notice for some time because it forms inside your rectum and do not cause any discomfort. However, these are more dangerous since they cause fresh bleeding with every bowel movement. Sometimes, anal bleeding thought to be due to internal hemorrhoids could be caused by more complicated problems like colorectal cancer.

A third form of hemorrhoid known as prolapsed hemorrhoids is identified as protrusions coming out from inside the anus.

Prevention and treatment for hemorrhoids 

You could reduce the chances of getting hemorrhoids if you take care of common problems like constipation by taking a diet rich in fibers and fluids. OTC medicines are also available for softening hard stools. If your profession requires you to sit for long hours, take a break and take a walk around from time to time. 

If you still get hemorrhoids for unavoidable reasons like pregnancy, apply Hydrocortisone creams after childbirth for getting relief from itching. In extreme cases, hemorrhoids could be removed surgically. Advanced laser treatments shrink hemorrhoids painlessly.  

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