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How to get rid of Heartburn?


Heartburn or pyrosis is a condition characterized by a painful burning sensation in the esophagus area, just below your breastbone. Although this is an immensely uncomfortable feeling, it is not the same as a heart attack and is not even associated with the heart.

Heartburn is caused due to acid reflux, in which the gastric acids travel up the esophagus, affecting the chest, neck, throat and jaw area. It is not a serious health problem but it could open the doors for other troubles like chronic cough and could be a pointer to other serious ailments.

Various causes of heartburn

Heartburn could result from faulty food habits. Taking too much fatty, acidic foods and aerated beverages causes greater acid secretion in your stomach. Taking certain prescription medicines could stimulate acid secretion as well. Regular smoking could affect lower esophageal sphincter function and lead to acid reflux.

Other health problems associated with heartburn are obesity, histal hernia, pregnancy and diseases like sarcoidosis and scleroderma. If left untreated, heartburn would only increase your pain, suffering and complications.

Ways to stop heartburn

You must modify your diet to get rid of heartburn. Avoid citrus foods, chocolates, onions, caffeine drinks, carbonated beverages and acidic, fatty junks. In addition to this, you must eat moderately because overeating can only jeopardize the metabolic procedure. Eat slowly, chew properly and take your food in small meals throughout the day instead of a few heavy meals.

Improve your lifestyle

You should stop smoking altogether to prevent heartburns. Do not overstress yourself, take breaks between your busy schedules and relax to keep the hormone and acid levels at normal. Get rid of obesity because it creates unnecessary pressure on your abdomen and causes heartburns. If necessary, consult a doctor and take prescribed medicines only. 

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