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How to get rid of Headaches?


Common causes of headaches

Getting a throbbing pain in your head sometimes is a common problem. The nature and type of the headache is determined by the factors causing the pain. Food allergies, stress, tensed muscles, trauma, blockage of veins, migraines and working for long hours before a computer monitor are some of the many causes of headaches.

Sleeping or sitting in a poor posture for long is often responsible for causing a condition called tension headache. Women in the week preceding their menstrual cycle face an imbalance of copper and zinc ratio in their bodies, which could also cause headaches. Notwithstanding the source, a headache could turn out into a nagging problem, preventing you from giving out your best.

How modifying your lifestyle could prevent headaches  

Taking good care of yourself by taking your meals regularly and adequate rest can keep headaches away. Sometimes headaches could be a signal that you are starving for long and as soon as you grab a mouthful, it subsides automatically. Migraine headaches are caused by taking particular food items that you should find out and avoid.

Drinking plenty of water, at least 8-10 glasses daily keeps your body and cooled down, preventing headaches.  Habits of late night partying and taking alcoholic drinks must be abandoned because such an unhealthy lifestyle is often responsible for headaches.

Simple remedies for headaches

You can get rid of a muscle stiffness and resulting headaches by putting a cold compress on your forehead and neck. Putting an ice pack on the affected area in a lying position could help. Alternately you could use a hot compress to make the muscles supple. Massaging the crown of your head and stretching could help relieve tension headaches.

Women undergoing PMS should take food rich in zinc because a drop in zinc levels could cause headaches. Relax by closing your eyes in dark room to relieve headaches.

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