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How to get rid of Hangover?


How painful is a hangover?

Hangover is an extremely uncomfortable state you face after a night of an overdose of alcoholic drinks. It is characterized by a searing pain in the head coupled with feelings of nausea and a parched mouth. This is often the price you pay after a night of party, fun and drinking. Does that mean you should stop having fun altogether? No, here is how to deal with hangovers.

Why hangovers are caused?

One of the chief reasons for getting that rotten feeling in the morning is the dehydration your body suffers during the drinking session. Usually after a heavy drink you tend to go to the toilet multiple times and that drains out the fluids from your body. Along with water, your body also loses important salts and potassium.

Things to do before and after taking drinks

Before you start celebrating your night out with friends by popping a bottle of booze, be mindful about filling your stomach with fruits and liquids. Hangovers are at their worse when you drink too much on an empty stomach.

So, you would do better if you finish your dinner and drink ample amounts of water before taking alcohol. When you return from your outing and prepare to go to bed, take some more water with some multivitamins to hydrate your body and prevent awaking sick and sore.

Apart from water, your body also requires some solid food to take care of all the alcohol you downed. Eating a banana, chewing some crackers and raw cabbage, taking some fruit juice or chicken soup helps to metabolize alcohol. However, you should never take dairy products after alcohol.

If the sickness still remains, just get up from bed and take a short walk. This will improve blood circulation and battle a hangover. Taking hot or bubble bath in the morning could gift you a fresh feeling.

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