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How to get rid of Ghosts?


We quite often come across ghosts in horror movies which scare us and simultaneously entertain a large number of people. Ghosts are paranormal entities which are believed to be the spirits of the deceased persons. There are cases when a supernatural entity’s presence is felt by people. They generally indicate their presence through human senses like vision, hearing, feeling or smell. The mere presence of such beings does mean that they are there to harm you. In fact cases of violent souls are one in a million. You should be care free co existing with ghosts without even your knowledge.

But there are situation when the mere thought of such a being makes us shiver and shout. The first thing before taking any step is to make sure that it is actually a ghost that is making you feel awry and not the wrong impressions that a loud door or window thud produces, dwindling base of house generates etc . If you are sure, stay calm and firm and try talking to such presence.

Several times they just need your help. You must not get scared or angry as this develops negative energy that empowers them all the more. If talking with the spirit does not help, you can revert to certain methods of making them leave. A word of warning that you should not use Ouija boards, tarot cards, or any witchcraft till the time you are sure that you are using them correctly and not calling any unwanted trouble in form of spirits.

How to get rid of Ghosts?

Holy water of Catholics is a great tool that can drive them away and even prevent them from entering your premises if sprinkled in every nook and corner of your house properly. You can recite prayers and request the Supreme power to drive them away. Many people use garlic to drive them away. You can use incense, blessed salt, painting the house with red color to repel the ghosts. If nothing works a religious leader or priest or even sometimes exorcist are of help. You should be perfectly ware of the fake and the genuine in such cases. The method is not fixed as anything can work for you.

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