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How to get rid of Gas?


Formation of gas is a normal by-product of your digestive process. But when you take certain foods that are difficult to digest, the digestive enzymes of your body fall short of breaking down tough carbohydrates, fibers and sugars. As a result, you suffer from the discomfort of excess gas in your bowels, causing bloating and pain.

Some reasons for gas formation

Aerophagia or the swallowing of air is a normal and constant process that lets in some gas into your system all the time. Generally we get rid of this gas by belching or burping and this does not cause any health problem. The real trouble is related to flatulence caused by the presence of gas in your small intestine.

Taking of fibrous foods like fruits, legumes, grains and vegetables and the digestive procedure of the soluble fiber in the large intestine are the two major causes of gas troubles. Often, gas formation is the direct by-product of lactose intolerance i.e. a problem of digesting dairy products.

Sometimes an irregularity in the contraction of the muscles of your intestines gives rise to improper digestion. If this condition is left untreated, it could lead to chronic diarrhea and gas pains. Other health problems like inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, Crohn's disease or taking of too many laxatives, antibiotics and additives cause gas.

How to prevent gas? 

In order to stop gas problems from occurring, reduce your intake of fibers, fats, dairy products, carbohydrates and aerated drinks. Stick to a bland meal with lesser sugars and spices, take lactose-free milk, chewing gum, avoid smoking and too much stress. This would reduce both swallowing of excess air and flatulence.

OTC remedies of gas

You could take any OTC medication like Bean-O, Gas-X, and Flatulex to get immediate relief from bloating and gas pains. However, if the discomforting symptoms persist, consult a doctor about getting yourself diagnosed and treated for IBS.

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