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How to get rid of Flu? Solution for the problem of Flu


The easiest way to detect influenza is to check whether you are having throat irritation and wet coughs. Flu occurs when the white blood cells in your body produce special chemicals to fight off an imminent infection. However, the blocked nose and throat, sore throat and chest pain could be very much discomforting. Hence, something must be done about it.

Common causes of flu

Flu is a highly contagious health condition and you could get it if you are exposed to the sneeze, cough or things or personal use of an infected person. This is because flu could be caused by at least 200 different types of virus that could be present anywhere.

The flu viruses become active during season changes. It is popularly supposed that winter is the most probable time to catch a cold, cough or flu. Both winter and autumn are characterized by dryness in the cold air, which is just ideal for the growth of the flu virus. Normally, children could catch flu around 6-10 times a year while an average adult could have flu around 2-4 times.

Symptoms of flu

The usual duration of a common flu is 3 days to 2 weeks. Unless the condition is too serious, you should recover in the first week itself, even though the dry coughs continue to be there for two more weeks. In these few weeks, you could undergo symptoms like phlegmatic coughs, itchiness in throat, body aches, weakness and fatigue.

Dos and don’ts in flu

Apart from seeing a doctor and taking antibiotics, you could do little things at home yourself. Firstly, stay away from an affected person to avoid flu. If you still catch it, take a break from your work and take plenty of rest at home. Make it a point to eat a healthy, balanced diet everyday, enriched with Vitamin C, fruits, vegetables and liquids.

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