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How to get rid of Flies? - How to Solve the Problem of Flies?


Flies are a very common pest worldwide and exist in almost 120,000 different species. Belonging to the Diptera order, flies are responsible for transmitting several diseases like typhoid, TB, dysentery, anthrax, salmonella, giardia etc. Hence, it is essential to eliminate flies for preserving a healthy atmosphere.

Keep your surroundings clean to keep out flies  

Garbage is the breeding grounds for flies. You must take the pains to remove all filth from in and around your household. In fact, it is best to start from your kitchen because it is most likely place for decaying organic material. Clear out your garbage bin regularly and wipe away any food particles spilled on the ground.

Do not leave any moist wastes piled for days. Fruits and other food materials are best kept covered and in proper containers. Use boric acid to treat the base of the bin to kill any flies or eggs left there. Dust all the rooms regularly and pay special attention to bathrooms, drawers, drains, cupboards etc.

Stop the flies from getting indoors

Install window screens and door sweeps and inspect them regularly for possible cracks and holes. If spotted, seal them with duct tapes or screen patch. Fill the cracks around cables and plumbing with caulks. At the same time, you must take extra about clearing out your pet’s excreta. Remove all dead rodents, birds and animals from your surroundings.

Some emergency precautions against flies

Keep your yard breezy by cutting the grass low and trimming the bushes and trees in your garden. Get rid of all forms of stagnant water. In case there is already an infestation, apply fly spray to prevent the flies from feeding on your blood. Install ultraviolet flytraps or scatter pheromone baits to trap away flies. A pyrethrin based fogger will also help kill flies.  

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