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What are fleas and how they harm us?


By flea we understand any small insect without wings that belongs to the Siphonaptera order and the Scorpionfly family Boreidae. These are a kind of external parasite with a very fast pace of reproduction, multiplying at the rate of 800 million just 5 days. They feed on the blood of birds and animals.

Fleas require warm and humid environs to grow and multiply. Hence, they mostly affect domestic pets and also carry diseases like tapeworm to your home. They live on the coat of animals and lay eggs that eventually slip and scatter everywhere your pet goes. A pet infested with fleas undergoes symptoms like excessive scratching and biting around the lower back and tail.

How to remove fleas?

It is not enough to get your pet treated for fleas. The flea eggs could be present on his bedding, towels, carpets and even the car. So, it is crucial to clean out almost everything that has come in touch with the infected pet.

In order to successfully thread out fleas, larvae, pupae and eggs, you have to quarantine the affected pet. Next gather every item of rug, bedding and carpets and wash them in warm soapy water that would destroy all traces of flea. You must vacuum the floor, furniture, behind doors and cracks where dust could accumulate. Get rid of the vacuum bag to keep the larvae from escaping and spreading again.

The well-vacuumed carpet must be steam-cleaned separately to kill all fleas sticking to its fibers. Alternately, you could use a special insecticidal shampoo to wash the carpet. An infrared heat treatment exercised by a professional can also help eradicate fleas. Finally, bath the infested pet with soap and water to free him for fleas. Consult your veterinarian about using adulticide and anti-flea pills on your pets. 

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