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How to get rid of Fever Blisters?


What are fever blisters?

Fever blisters are a kind of red rash appearing at the corners of your mouth and on your lips, the reason they are also known as mouth ulcers, canker sores or cold sores. These painful, often watery rashes are caused by herpes simplex virus Type 1. This virus normally infects the tissues around your pelvic zone and also the face and mouth. In severe cases, the blisters could spread to your ears and fingers as well.

What to do with fever blisters?

Fever blisters are not a serious health condition in itself and usually go away on its own around the second week. However, it could be a pointer to some other health problems you have been suffering from. In most cases, you simply need to give the blisters time to disappear naturally without leaving any scars.

As a preventive measure, you could shun salty, spicy and citrus foods, take lo0ts of natural drinks. If you still get blisters, apply a coat of petroleum jelly to protect the blisters from bacterial infestation. Applying an OTC anesthetic ointment and aloe vera gel could sooth and heal the blisters naturally.

For getting rid of fever blisters immediately

You need Lysine vitamin, hydrogen peroxide, cotton swabs and lip balm or petroleum jelly for immediate cure. Take 500 gm of vitamin Lysine to reduce the spreading of cold sores after you catch the infection. However, if you have to go out and must hide your blisters, you may apply hydrogen peroxide.

The proper way to apply hydrogen peroxide is to soak cotton swabs in the solution and dab the blisters with it. You will experience an immediate whitening of the blisters along with a stinging sensation. After the application, you must wash the affected area with water. However, this treatment could cause scarring later.

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